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About Us
Fantel loves helping businesses get online. We do that by provisioning you access to the internet using various access methods. You don’t need to know the details (unless you want to), we will take care of the rest and make things running in no time.

We have support officers operating at various locations. All here in Australia, they’re ready to help you out all the time.

Our main focus is to give you a reliable internet connection, we make sure that our service would work for you to its maximum capacity. That includes sending and receiving emails to browsing the web to making conference calls and more. However, if there are specialised things that you need, ask us and we’ll be able to give you a competitive quote and rest assured that we would do our best to help you out with any concern.

The mission is to provide you with access to information and technology which utilises the latest standards at economical and fair prices.


Our History

Fantel has a long history in providing internet access, since 1993 through the consolidation of multiple ISPs including,, Synflux, Viper, RPI and Interwerks, we continue to provide first class solutions for business and residences. Our solutions encompass cost effective broadband and enterprise communications solutions. Fantel has an extensive range of plans to cater for premium broadband solutions that offer priority throughput and cost effective solutions that cater for the budget conscious which don’t mind a differentiated priority.

Who is Fantel?

Our Mission

The Fantel Philosophy

The Fantel Promise

Who Can Deliver on Projects?

To help Australian’s and  businesses with all their online needs, whether it’s Networking and Network Design and Deployment, Internet Access, Web Hosting, Maintenance, Backup, Security Audits, Hardware (Desktop to Servers), Software (single, multi-licenses). Access to information is of the greatest importance. We ensure that all our clients are treated fairly and have access to all information available online every time. We help you get the best out of our service and boost up your business in terms of better communication.

We Promise that with every service we deliver, for every telephone lines installed, for everything that we help you out with. You will be happy that we have your back all the time!

From simple internet connections to the most complex connections; Our team of experts will be able to assist you. Call us on 02 8332 3030 or 1300 304 288 and one of our trained consultant will be able to help you.