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Consequences of Restriction, Suspension or Disconnection

We may exercise our right to restrict, suspend or disconnect your service(s) for credit or debt management reasons. However for anyone experiencing difficulties in making their payments, then please see our Financial Hardship Policy.

Consequences if your service is restricted.

If your internet service has reached it’s download limit, by default the speed of your service will be reduced to 256kbps/256kbps. You won’t be able to download at your normal speed until it resets at the beginning of the next month, or alternatively you can contact us to purchase addon data on 02 8332 3030. When in this reduced speed state, your streaming quality from Netflix, Stan, Disney and other video streaming services may be affected.

Consequences if your service is suspended.

If your service(s) is suspended, you will not be able to use the service(s). For example, if your Internet service is suspended, all services that require an Internet connection, such as email, VoIP (phone calls, to receive and make outgoing calls) and watching Netflix will not work.