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Fantel is well known for the high level of support that it provides to its clients.  It’s not just about having great technical knowledge and skills.  It is about having the passion to help our clients to ensure that their experience is second to none.  All staff at Fantel understand that supporting our clients is the most important job they have.  Whether you decide to contact us via our online chat, email or call us, you can rest assured that we will be here to assist you with your telecommunication needs.

We constantly review the way we do things, and when we find better ways to serve our clients, we make the change.  Some of our best ideas come from clients, so you can rest assured that we listen carefully to your feedback.

Looking for the answer
Sometimes the quickest and easiest way to resolve your issue is by Googling the problem. You’re bound to find the solution from the search results. TIP: You can define your search by searching for a portion of the error message, which is a direct cut and paste into the search field, or use keywords that describe the issue or how you produced the issue.

Search the Knowledgebase
You can also do a search on our knowledgebase. Just like the tip given above, you can search for the error or keywords describing the issue. [Knowledgebase]

Submit a Ticket
In the case an issue which cannot be fixed yourself, please lodge a ticket by logging into [Fantel Client Area] and giving as much detail of the issue as you can. Try to be descriptive. Tell us what you did and how you did it when you got the error. Include any error message and even a screenshot of the issue would be handy.

Call us
If you have a webhosting HOME-1 and/or BUSINESS-1 plan and have pre-purchased the phone support addon, you can ring +61 2 8332 3030 opt 1.

NB: If you have not pre-purchased the phone support addon, our Customer Service team will be unable to assist you over the phone.

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