Telephone Line

Just need a home phone line or a line for your business. We can do that too. Our call rates a very competitive. A phone line service may not be available at certain locations. It is a Telstra based phone line service.

Fantel will organise to transfer the management of your PSTN phone line from your current provider to Fantel.

We will assign an on boarding representative to walk you through this process and be with you every step of the way.

Once the number has been moved across to Fantel management, you will continually be supported by a dedicated team of telecommunication professionals from then on.



  • 18c
    per local call
  • 19c/min
    national call
    2 min call costs $0.48
  • 24c/min
    mobile call
    2 min call costs $0.58
  • 35c
    13 & 1300 calls
  • 10c
  • Critical Information Summary

Additional Telephony Service Options


Calling Number Display
Silent Number



Things you should know

This phone line service is based on Telstra and may not be available at certain areas, especially when there is a cease sale for the area due to NBN being available.

Connect charges

The following connection charges apply to your service:

a) Standard connection
A connection charge applies to connect your home phone service:

  • telephone line without a technician visit – $59
  • telephone line with a technician visit – $125
  • new telephone line connection/telephone line connection with a technician visit and cabling work – $299.

b) Temporary connection
If your service is connected for three months or less, the connection charge is as above plus an additional $100.

Separate charges apply for each additional connection point at the same property and for more complex connections.