Is your office IT network secure?

Most businesses don’t know they have a problem until they have a lost opportunity or a data security breach. What is your business worth ?

Do you allow just any “Joe Blow” to walk into your office and snoop around without a care? The obvious answer is a resounding NO. Then why aren’t you the same way with your local area network? Your computers and server may hold information which are private and personal that pertain to your business and your clients. So why would anyone leave their network unchecked?

This is where we come in. Fantel Pty Ltd is a consulting firm interested in keeping you and your information secure. For a low cost of $199, we will audit your computer network security and identify the potential security threats.

Security Audit Includes

We’ll be able to scan and identify security issues with your…


Our innovative tools will be able to scan your Operating System and check the software that is installed in your computer.


Then it’ll be able to scan all your other devices that is hooked up to the network. Such as a smartphone, printers and the like.


And finally, we’ll be able to identify any security holes without your network.

Order Now for $199